About KPR Institute of Fashion Tailoring

To get started is always a question. Where? How? When? Is it possible? Is it necessary? But, When it comes to tailoring, the answers to all your questions are right here.

Welcome to KPR INSTITUTE OF FASHION TAILORING, a Government Registered Tailoring Institute, an excellent place, especially for beginners with an environment setup, where each and everyone of our students are given attention, understanding an individual’s capability and delivering accordingly.

From ordinary to extraordinary, from rejected to respected, we help you turn over a new leaf and all you need is the passion towards tailoring and design and we provide a strong guidance for you to get started.

For homemakers, students, mothers and working women, we provide flexible timings during weekdays as well as weekends. Whatever your skill level is, either beginner or advanced, we help you create and stitch clothes that look great and fit well.

Our Featured Courses

The lessons in our featured courses are selected and uniquely formed for different kind of sewing lovers